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 Self-Healing Through A Better Understanding Of The Physical Creation

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Aware of the deeper levels of existence since birth, I have been perfecting my teachings through my own life experiences, healing myself from the inside out, guided from within toward the betterment of each person, ...by teaching, touching, helping, healing everyone that enters my life through my Love & Light that can be called Unconditional...
My teachings are offered to you here through my Loving words.  I hope that they can help to trigger your Healing process for your Body, your Heart, your Mind and your Soul.

I offer my teachings through my books, monthly articles and counselling through email for those who need help to better understand what they are going through in their life. My deep perspective can shed a light of hope and of Truth when things seem to be difficult and dark. Understanding why something is happening helps in accepting it and learning from it which makes it easier to get through the experience. I am here to help.

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